Sunday, July 27, 2008

Planting Guides

My garden begins at the top of a slope that gently rolls down to a leveled off area. There is a fence across the top and it is divided into approximately 5-foot sections. There are four sections. I use these sections as a guide for planting my vegetables. So I have 5-foot rows of corn, 5 feet of tomato plants, 2 rows of spinach 5 feet long, etc. The slope is somewhat "terraced". Click on the photo to see a better view of the top slope of corn, the second slope of cabbages, and the third slope of onion sets. The bushy mass to the right are my 5 tomato plants and below them is a cantaloup with a melon peeking through the leaves. This photo was taken July 27.
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Seed Covers

These are fall plantings of carrots and lettuce seeds. Both plants have small seeds so they should not be planted too deeply. I scattered them over the seed beds then sprinkled loose soil over the whole area. The window screens will let the sun and rain through and hold the seeds in place until they sprout. In the upper righthand corner is a small bed of just-planted garlic bulbs. The little group of green tomatoes are still attached to their vine, a volunteer that sprang up from a seed dropped from a tomato planted nearby last year.
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